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StandardUser Institute is a higher education institution focused on equipping aspiring security practitioners, transitioning professionals, and cyber security hobbyists with the education and skills necessary to successfully enter the information security workforce as a contributing high value team member in the information security community.

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Advanced Virtual CISO for Remote Teams

Policy & compliance overview, closing visibility gaps, identifying & mitigating security vulnerabilities, and investigating breaches are the roles that make up the building blocks of  the AvCISO or ‘Advanced Virtual Chief Information Security Officer’.

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Top 10 Cyber Security Fundamentals 

Implementing the top 10 cybersecurity fundamentals like developing an asset management program, identifying and protecting critical data, Identifying and closing network visibility gaps will ensure highest level of security readiness. 

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Increasing Your Security Posture

Increasing your security posture in an enterprise environment begins with identifying and closing visibility gaps. These processes will help your team identify visibility gaps, understand adversary techniques, common network defense methodologies,  and and how to properly implement them.

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Red Teaming @ 10000 Feet

There are many articles/books that are pro-Red Teaming, but I haven't seen many that give a very high level on how to organize/run a Red Team. I have some pretty in depth experience on being part of a Red Team, and will share my knowledge here, but let me start by saying that there is really no right answer here.


Friends University summer onsite classes have been delayed.


BsidesKC summer onsite classes have been delayed.


San Diego University summer onsite classes have been delayed.


PO Box 50892

Denton, TX 76206   

​Tel: 940-202-0976


March 15, 2020

All onsite training postponed.  

January 20, 2020

On campuses classes start. 

December 19, 2019

Last day of onsite classes

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