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StandardUser Institute Annual Fund

Our mission is to equip the next generation of security practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective leaders in the information security industry. We know, just like most, that most students, transitioning professionals, and aspiring security practitioners must take on lots of debt in order to obtain the education necessary to be successful in this space. Giving to the StandardUser Institute Annual Fund allows our team to provide hands on training to students without the necessary resources to complete a professional training program debt free.

Endowment Giving

The growth of an institution is often based on the leaders of the institute planning for the future. Without the necessary resources to update and develop new training modules the institute, programs, and courses become irrelevant almost overnight. Endowment giving provides scalable opportunities for institutions to research, develop, and plan for the future.

Planned Giving

Are you obsessed with the information security space like we are and want to ensure you carving a space for your replacement and other security practitioners that will follow in your footsteps. Planned giving allows you to provide opportunities to current and future students as they learn new skills, understand the industry, and prepare to enter the security workforce as professionally equipped information security practitioners.


Parker Wallace 

Director of Development


100 W Oak St Suite: G-108

Denton, TX 76201

940 - 202 - 0976 Phone

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