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David Evenden - Founder & Board Chairman

David is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of StandardUser Cyber Security & StandardUser Institute. David is an experienced offensive security operator and analyst with active work experience inside the US Federal Intelligence Community (IC). During his time inside the IC, he learned Persian Farsi, worked at NSA Red Team and was a member of an elite international team operating in conjunction with coalition forces to aid in the ongoing efforts in the Middle East.


He's an Executive in Residence, Cybersecurity Advisory Board Member, and Adjunct Professor of cybersecurity at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas and is a guest lecturer at StandardUser Institute. His education in offensive security has led the way for his research in the information security education realm.

He currently works with DHS to aid in the efforts to enhance the bidirectional sharing relationship between the US Government and Commercial entities, and to track foreign intelligence activity in US Based Commercial Critical Infrastructure.

Our Philosophy
Image by Tyler Nix

We are dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in cybersecurity education. We believe in providing a quality education that sends professional cybersecurity practitioners into various industries around the globe.

Our History
Image by Ian Schneider

Our institute was started at a kitchen table where aspiring information security practitioners came.

Today we equip students, professionals, and practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect the critical infrastructure of tomorrow.

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