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Cyber Security Emphasis

StandardUser Institute provides the next generation of security professionals innovative educational programs that prepare them for careers in information security, network security, and computer system security. The Institute delivers world-class learning opportunities with an emphasis on obtaining the required industry certifications necessary to work in all areas of offensive and defensive security  in both the private and public sector. 

StandardUser Institute programs are designed and taught by industry professionals in both a classroom setting and through virtual education. Participants benefit from classroom discussions, simulations, and applying their skills within the SUI Virtual Cyber Lab. StandardUser Institute is setting the standard for cybersecurity excellence. 







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Offensive Security


Learning offensive security will shape your mind into that of an offensive security professional which will inherently produce a better defensive engineer. To secure our way of life, we must push the boundaries of what we believe to be secure. We must learn that to progressively grow more secure, we must attack the infrastructure to which we've become dependent.



Every day adversaries constantly evolve, and you must evolve as well. The Forensics training at StandardUser Institute will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills to detect and expel attackers from your network. Learn how to identify evidence hidden from view, defend against cyber criminals as they move across the enterprise, and prepare for when the next cybersecurity incident hits.

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Online Courses

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Architectural Security


Learning and understanding the core concepts of secure network architectural design is foundational to building and operating a safe and efficient IT environment. Core components in designing a secure network include documentation and management of assets and data-flows, network and service segmentation, access control policies at multiple levels within the environment, and identifying each organizations' critical assets and  understanding the specific threats they face.


These tasks are often overlooked and attempted to be added in an ad-hoc manner once the size and scope of an organization has become unmanageable. Architects and engineers who learn the importance of these concepts, the tools and methods used to implement them, and strategies for their continual improvement will be prepared to build environments that have the necessary architectural security baked in from the start.

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