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Formal Complaints

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Complains are taken very seriously at StandardUser Institute. Whether you have an issue with the course, an instructor, delivery, or a test we are here to help.

Our course work is developed and publish in house, and our staff are some of the brightest in the community. We strive to produce quality professionals, but more importantly we strive to do that well.


If we've failed at that...we want to hear about it.

Unresolved Complaints

If you have unresolved complaints please feel free to contact TWC.

Texas Workforce Commission
Career Schools and Colleges, Room 226T
101 East 15th Street
Austin, Texas 78778-0001

Course Cancellations

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Cancel a Course

You can cancel any course at any time.


Contact your instructor if you need to cancel a course. 


Flexible Payment Planning

Refunds will be processed within 60 days of course cancellation for qualified courses.


Qualification is dependent on when the course was canceled in relation to how far along into the course the student had completed when the course was cancelled.


For more information on refund pricing standards please contact Admissions.​

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